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TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a 38 year old manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products. We manufacture all of our own products and take tremendous pride in their engineering and technical performance.

TrafFix Devices products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries all over the world. This requires engineering excellence and a clear understanding of the performance requirements in each of the countries we do business in.

TrafFix Devices, Inc. Corporate Office in San Clemente, California.

Our corporate headquarters are in sunny Southern California, we also have manufacturing locations in Fairfield, Iowa; Adelanto, CA; and Tijuana, Mexico. The common thread running through all aspects of our business is that we design, manufacture, and support products which save lives on the world's highways. Preserving the lives of highway workers and motorists is of utmost importance. We have outstanding distributor & OEM partners in North America and around the globe. Our partners have provided us with the reach necessary to get the word out about the superior performance of our products. For this we are extremely grateful.

San Clemente Office

160 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente, CA United States 92672