Big Sandy Crash Cushion Sand Barrel

Big Sandy®

The TrafFix Devices Big Sandy is an Impact Attenuator Sand Barrel that has been tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP 350.

The Compressor Attenuator from TrafFix Devices


The Compressor is a re-directive, non-gating, bi-directional, and self-recovering attenuator designed to take repeated impacts without the need for repairs.

Scorpion Trailer Attenuator

Scorpion® Trailer Attenuator

Upon impact, two heavy duty anti-rotation arms are driven against the frame plate, preventing angular rotation of the Scorpion Trailer during an accident.

Scorpion Truck Mounted Impact Attenuators

Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion Truck Mount Attenuator's modular design creates an unbeatable standard of performance. The Scorpion TMA is truly different by design.

Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED)


The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushion and is designed to shield permanent and temporary barriers.

Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) Euro-Terminal

SLED Euro-Teminal

The TrafFix Devices SLED EURO-TERMINAL is a narrow water filled attenuation device designed to shield the end of safety barriers in frontal and side impacts.



The SLED Mini from TrafFix Devices is a TL-1 End Treatment for the TrafFix Water-Wall