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The following products are protected by patents in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act and provide notice under 35 U.S.C. ยง287 (a).

The following list of products and patents may not be all inclusive.

U.S. Patents

Product Patent Number(s)
Big Sandy® US6637972 B1, US6835024 B1, US7175361 B1
Scorpion® Attenuators US6926324 B1, US7243964 B1, US8870251 B1, US7438337 B1, US7802829 B2, US8276956 B2, US8702137 B2, US9156320 B2
SLED® US8777510 B2, US9822503 B2, US9145652 B2, US9133591 B2, US10214866 B2, US10822756 B2
Water Wall™ & Sentry™ US7811025 B2, US7866913 B2, US7931422 B2, US8235625 B1, US8376651 B2, US8491217 B2, US8783999 B2, US10683625 B2
Enviro-Cone® US9797102 B2, US10422090 B2
Grabber Cone® US6520712 B2
TrafFix® Spring Cone US6766760 B2, US7677831 B2, US7866914 B2, US7731449 B2, US7811026 B1
TrafFix Channelizer Drum™ US6786673 B2, US7156576 B1
ADA Wall & Urbanite® US9260829 B1, US9624630 B1
Premier Panel™ US7730845 B1
Step-N-Lock® Vertical Panel US6659681 B1, US6840707 B1, US7476051 B1
Sign Stands US9476173 B1
TrafFix Tri-Buster® Sign Stand US7997547 B1, US8117776 B1, US8146871 B1
TrafFix Alert® Rumble Strip US10443197 B1, US9783941 B1, US10106938 B1
Weed Mat® US9273436 B1
Multi-Application Nose Sheeting US9650749 B1, US10053825 B1, US10422092 B1

Canadian Patents

Product Patent Number(s)
TrafFix® Spring Cone CA2473208C

Australian Patents

Product Patent Number(s)
TrafFix® Spring Cone AU2003236712B2, AU2004206576A1


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US, CA, and AU patent information for the following TrafFix Devices products and brands:

  • Big Sandy & Scorpion Attenuators
  • SLED end treatments
  • Water-Wall & Sentry water-filled barriers
  • Enviro-Cone
  • Spring Cone
  • Channelizer Drum
  • ADA Wall & Urbanite
  • Premier Panel & Step-N-Lock vertical panels
  • Portable Sign Stands
  • Tri-Buster Sign Stand
  • TrafFix Alert Rumble Strip
  • Weed Mat
  • Nose sheeting for multiple applications