Enviro-Cone: Engineered for All Weather Conditions

Sustainable Products for a Better Environment - Enviro-Cone

In the world of traffic management and road safety, reliable and durable equipment is essential. The Enviro-Cone by TrafFix Devices stands out as a premier choice for traffic cones, thanks to its exceptional engineering and all-weather durability. This blog post explores the unique features of the Enviro-Cone, emphasizing its resilience and performance in diverse weather conditions.

The Challenge of All-Weather Performance

Traffic cones are vital tools for delineating lanes, guiding traffic, and ensuring safety in construction zones, accident sites, and other road scenarios. However, their effectiveness can be compromised by harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, wind, and precipitation. The Enviro-Cone addresses these challenges head-on with its advanced design and materials.

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The Importance of Crash Cushion Transition Pieces/Bridge Shoes

In the quest for enhanced road safety, every component plays a critical role. Among these, crash cushion transition pieces are vital yet often overlooked elements that ensure the effective performance of crash cushion systems. This blog post delves into the significance, function, and benefits of crash cushion transition pieces, highlighting their essential role in creating safer road environments, shielding the fixed obstacle in reverse direction vehicle impacts.

Transitions by themselves are not specifically approved by state DOTs – it is incumbent on the manufacturer of the crash cushion to develop test and pass a transition piece between a fixed obstacle (i.e bridge abutment) to the crash cushion to prevent potential snag points.

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Mission: Safety

As June is also National Safety Month, this weeks’ blog focuses on our dedication to safety not just externally through our products, but also internally in how we seek to embed safety in everything we do.

The TrafFix Devices Truck Mounted Attenuator has saved the lives of many motorists and highway construction workers throughout the world. TrafFix Devices is the leader in impact attenuator technology, and has proven to save lives on the highway and in the construction zone.

We spend our time at TrafFix Devices creating products that keep the drivers and pedestrians of the world safe. Just as our product safety goal is to keep people safe on the highways and in work zones, our internal safety goal is to keep our employees free from injury and free of hazards that can cause injuries.

As we work to receive, manufacture, assemble, and ship our products, we take into consideration our own safety and the safety of those working alongside us. All injuries are avoidable, but only if we work to avoid them. To that end, we commit to practicing sound safety techniques and embrace protocols that govern how we behave in our workplace. To do otherwise is akin to using a work truck on the highway with no Scorpion attached, where the safety of a driver or road worker is left to chance.

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The importance of the HV2 MASH Temporary Barrier

HV2 Barrier Logo
HV2 Barrier side profile view

Back in 2022 CalTrans released Supplement to Traffic Safety Systems Guidance: Temporary Barrier Systems with the stated intention of implementing MASH approved Temporary Barriers and the phasing out of industry standard of Temporary Railing (Type K), also known as K-rail.

This transition will be a multi-year phase process beginning in 2025 with a percentage of all jobs requiring temporary barrier in the state to have MASH alternatives. This initiative puts safety at the forefront; K-rail is being phased out over the next several years because it does not meet MASH crash testing standards.

Understanding the potential burden placed on businesses, CalTrans has put forward a phase out period for jobs continuing to use K-rail through December 31 2026, and projects advertised starting January 1, 2027 must use a MASH approved temporary barrier system only.

A MASH Approved Alternative

TrafFix Devices has always been vocal supporters of MASH approved products, and as such have sought to partner and distribute the HV2 barrier which is one of the current CalTrans approved MASH barriers. HV2 is a freestanding temporary barrier product that offers fast installation and exceptional safety for use on bridge decks, highways, and other road maintenance projects.

The barrier’s patented hybrid technology and unique connectors offer high containment and low deflection, while remaining economical to transport and deploy with no time-consuming anchoring required.

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Fast-Trak to TMA Success

Fast-Trak SwiftConnect for the Scorpion TMA and Scorpion II TMA

We know that many contractors don’t need a TMA on every vehicle in their fleet. We also know that many customers would like to move a TMA from this truck to that truck. Fleet maintenance would also dictate the necessity for Scorpion TMA’s to be easily and somewhat regularly removed or swapped between certain vehicles. The ability to have a vehicle undergo maintenance/repair while allowing the TMA to remain in service is often critical to the business operations of our clients.

TrafFix Devices developed the Fast-Trak for the Scorpion TMA & Scorpion II TMA to solve exactly this issue, ensuring our clients can maintain a Scorpion in-service more often. The ability to remove and replace the Scorpion TMA ensures that a truck can be multi-purpose and maintain its original intended use or that other trucks can carry the TMA when some are being serviced. Moreover, the Fast-Trak enables arrow and message board installations to work as an easily removable truck frame extension to clear anything hanging off the back of the truck.

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Work Zone Awareness: TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

Designed for Roadways with Speed Limits up to 70mph [113kph]

Insignificant Movement at High Speeds

Highly Visible on Concrete or Asphalt

Recently we posted on the sobering statistics of roadworker safety/fatalities, and the instruments deployed by Departments of Transportation and road crews alike to help reduce the risks to workers as well as raise the awareness of drivers. One of the main takeaways from that article is that most of the risks occur in high-speed (60 MPH+) applications/work zones.

Work zones of our highways pose unique challenges for all involved. Areas of high-speed place similar demands on the drivers’ attention and quick reaction times. Distractions, fatigue, and inattentiveness can lead to serious accidents, especially in work zones, transition areas, and rural highways. Which is why numerous methods are deployed to alert motorists when entering a work zone:

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Safeguarding Road Workers: TrafFix Devices’ Response to Fatality Rates

Attenuation Technology that Saves Lives — TrafFix Devices

Recent news articles reporting statistics on road worker fatalities have sparked concern and renewed efforts to enhance safety measures on our roads as seen in the U.S. Sun article highlighting a new “Move Over or Slow Down” law in Texas, and ABC News 10 (WHEC-TV) reporting on a New York Thruway worker struck on I-90.

According to data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, total Work Zone traffic fatalities in 2022 were 891. Pedestrian fatalities accounted for 136 of these. Pedestrians are identified in FARS as being at work or a construction, maintenance, utility worker, or a transportation worker (e.g., maintenance workers, safety service patrol operators).

In light of these alarming figures, TrafFix Devices reaffirms its commitment to protecting road workers and reducing risks through innovative solutions like the Scorpion truck-mounted attenuator (TMA/TTMA).

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SLED: The Obvious choice for Reliability, Simplicity and Efficiency

SLED - The obvious choice for reliability, simplicity, efficiency.

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, water-filled non-redirective gating crash cushion that is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible.

The SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel and plastic. The SLED End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck. The complete crash cushion can be installed quickly, with one pick up truck on compacted dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt or concrete.

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Knowledge Base: a technical platform for your TrafFix Devices Scorpion II and Delta

You asked, we listened! TrafFix Devices proudly introduces our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge base was created to provide technical documents for operational and maintenance teams – establishing an easy to navigate digital experience – that is accessible 24/7, worldwide.

Taking a customer-centric approach, we have sought to create less downtime, putting the data at your fingertips. Rather than waiting for technical support to become available, the Knowledge Base gives you the framework needed to triage and troubleshoot wherever and whenever.

The Knowledge Base houses prerequisite materials for the TrafFix University, Bluevolt training, to become a TrafFix Approved partner.

With time to repair being critical for teams in the field – the Knowledge Base endeavors to cut this time whilst providing you and your teams the most up-to-date information. TrafFix Devices is continuously revising the Knowledge Base documents and are developed based on your needs.

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Driving Change: Sustainable Initiatives at TrafFix Devices

Sustainable Products for a better environment! Enviro-Cone bases are made from 100% recycled rubber tires!

With Earth Day taking place this week it is a good reminder that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a crucial aspect of responsible business practices. We recognize our responsibly and try to lead the way as a pioneer in traffic control and safety solutions.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

TrafFix Devices understands the importance of environmental stewardship and is dedicated to minimizing its impact on the planet. Our sustainability efforts are not just limited to words but are reflected in concrete actions and initiatives. This is reflected in our participation in Tire Incentive Program (TIP) administered by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), a branch of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to divert waste tires from landfill disposal, prevent illegal tire dumping, and promote products made from California Recycled Tires.

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