The importance of the HV2 MASH Temporary Barrier

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Back in 2022 CalTrans released Supplement to Traffic Safety Systems Guidance: Temporary Barrier Systems with the stated intention of implementing MASH approved Temporary Barriers and the phasing out of industry standard of Temporary Railing (Type K), also known as K-rail.

This transition will be a multi-year phase process beginning in 2025 with a percentage of all jobs requiring temporary barrier in the state to have MASH alternatives. This initiative puts safety at the forefront; K-rail is being phased out over the next several years because it does not meet MASH crash testing standards.

Understanding the potential burden placed on businesses, CalTrans has put forward a phase out period for jobs continuing to use K-rail through December 31 2026, and projects advertised starting January 1, 2027 must use a MASH approved temporary barrier system only.

A MASH Approved Alternative

TrafFix Devices has always been vocal supporters of MASH approved products, and as such have sought to partner and distribute the HV2 barrier which is one of the current CalTrans approved MASH barriers. HV2 is a freestanding temporary barrier product that offers fast installation and exceptional safety for use on bridge decks, highways, and other road maintenance projects.

The barrier’s patented hybrid technology and unique connectors offer high containment and low deflection, while remaining economical to transport and deploy with no time-consuming anchoring required.

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