Safeguarding Road Workers: TrafFix Devices’ Response to Fatality Rates

Attenuation Technology that Saves Lives — TrafFix Devices

Recent news articles reporting statistics on road worker fatalities have sparked concern and renewed efforts to enhance safety measures on our roads as seen in the U.S. Sun article highlighting a new “Move Over or Slow Down” law in Texas, and ABC News 10 (WHEC-TV) reporting on a New York Thruway worker struck on I-90.

According to data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, total Work Zone traffic fatalities in 2022 were 891. Pedestrian fatalities accounted for 136 of these. Pedestrians are identified in FARS as being at work or a construction, maintenance, utility worker, or a transportation worker (e.g., maintenance workers, safety service patrol operators).

In light of these alarming figures, TrafFix Devices reaffirms its commitment to protecting road workers and reducing risks through innovative solutions like the Scorpion truck-mounted attenuator (TMA/TTMA).

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: Block Axess

Hostile vehicle mitigation is a system deployed to reduce the risk of vehicular threat to pedestrians. These security devices, like the Block Axess, represent a seismic shift in the focus of roadway protection. Where our philosophy has always been to safeguard driver and vehicle occupants, with a system like the Block Axess our duty of care shifts towards pedestrians, seeking to protect them from distracted or deliberately malicious drivers.

The system is implemented to ensure publicly accessible foot traffic, be it for large-scale events, critical infrastructure, or high-risk zones, our hostile vehicle mitigation HVM ensure your safety is never compromised.

The Block Axess made from heavy duty steel sitting on black asphalt protecting a pedestrian event from hostile vehicles while allowing easy pedestrian traffic flow around and through the barrier.
Block Axess — Vehicle Mitigation System (HVM).
A safe and secure way to protect your public event from hostile vehicles.
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