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Block Axess, Vehicle Mitigation System, on the road protecting an event
Block Axess — Vehicle Mitigation System
A safe and secure way to protect your public event from hostile vehicles
Icon showing moving stopwatch, meaning Quick and Simple

Quick + Simple

The remarkably fast assembly and disassembly process requires only one person. With a fast 7-minute setup, Block Axess can be deployed without the need for extensive manpower or time-consuming processes.

Icon showing pencil and ruler, meaning Versatile and Customizable

Versatile + Customizable

Modular design allows for various sizes by simply adding components. The customizable laser-etched plates enable you to incorporate your city, event, or company's name to fit your needs.

Icon showing a lock, meaning Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Constructed from thick, galvanized steel, Block Axess provides robust security. Its tamper-proof assembly and disassembly requires specialized tools, ensuring that the security can't be compromised.

The Block Axess stowed away, ready for storage or transport

Compact Kit

Unit fits securely into a compact storage kit, making it incredibly easy and convenient to store and transport.

  • No ground anchors
  • No special equipment
  • Single-person set-up in 7 minutes
Graphic showing the laser-etched steel inserts that can be customized with your city name, company logo, or event name

Customizable Plates

Want to add a personal touch to your event?

The customizable laser-etched plates enable you to incorporate your city's, event's, or company's name to fit your specific needs.