Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: Block Axess

Hostile vehicle mitigation is a system deployed to reduce the risk of vehicular threat to pedestrians. These security devices, like the Block Axess, represent a seismic shift in the focus of roadway protection. Where our philosophy has always been to safeguard driver and vehicle occupants, with a system like the Block Axess our duty of care shifts towards pedestrians, seeking to protect them from distracted or deliberately malicious drivers.

The system is implemented to ensure publicly accessible foot traffic, be it for large-scale events, critical infrastructure, or high-risk zones, our hostile vehicle mitigation HVM ensure your safety is never compromised.

The Block Axess made from heavy duty steel sitting on black asphalt protecting a pedestrian event from hostile vehicles while allowing easy pedestrian traffic flow around and through the barrier.
Block Axess — Vehicle Mitigation System (HVM).
A safe and secure way to protect your public event from hostile vehicles.

The Need for Added Pedestrian Protection

Increasing instances of “vehicle as weapon attacks” putting the lives of pedestrians at risk have caused requirement of cities, municipalities and private enterprise to seek vehicle mitigation devices. Hostile vehicle mitigation is an essential strategy in today’s world to counteract the increasing threat of vehicle attacks and negligent driving as in the recent case in Kansas State Fair. Hostile vehicles, weaponized for targeting individuals, buildings, or crowded places, pose a significant risk. However, the implementation of Block Axess can fortify public spaces and vital infrastructure against such threats.

Efficient and Reliable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions

Having a vehicle mitigation solution is a must, further the solution must also be intuitive and simple to deploy whilst being robust enough to perform its function. Block Axess can be deployed without the need for extensive manpower or time-consuming processes. The remarkably fast assembly and disassembly process requires only one person and can be achieved within 7 minutes.

Operational Prerequisites for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

The success of hostile vehicle mitigation relies heavily on its design and engineering. Constructed from thick, galvanized steel, Block Axess provides robust security. Its tamper-proof assembly and disassembly requires specialized tools, ensuring that the security can’t be compromised. The Block Axess is certified to resist vehicles up to 7.5 tons and has been tested and certified according to the following standards:

  • The ASTM International Certification logo, ASTM letters with a ring around the middle above text reading 'ASTM International'
    ASTM International Certification
  • The IWA14-1 Impact Tested logo, IWA 14 surrounded by 3 black circles with text reading 'IMPACT TESTED' inside the middle circle.
    IWA14-1 Impact Tested
  • The PAS68 BSI Impact Tested logo, PAS 68 surrounded by 3 black circles with text reading 'BSI IMPACT TESTED' inside the middle circle,
    PAS68 BSI Impact Tested

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