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Global Distribution

Global Distribution

TrafFix Devices has a vast network of Distributors and OEM Partners across the globe to ensure that your products can get to you, where ever you may be.

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Product Innovation


By staying on the cutting edge of product innovation, TrafFix Devices leads the industry by continuing to bring new and improved products to market.

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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

TrafFix Devices offers a wide range of Environmentally Friendly product lines. All TrafFix Devices products are made from at least 20% Recycled Material by weight.

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TrafFix Devices 2020 Product Guides

Product Guides

The Attenuator Product Guide and the Complete TrafFix Devices Product Guide are now available for download!

Want a hard copy instead? Contact us and we'll mail you a copy of the Product Guide and the Attenuator Product Guide, free of charge!


TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier cut away showing internal steel cables and water cavity

TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier™

The TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier is designed with three (3) molded in galvanized steel cables that strengthen the water-cable barrier to resist vehicle penetration during an impact. The hinges are designed to allow a 30° pivot between sections and each hinge features a double wall knuckle design that greatly minimizes breakage. Each wall includes one (1) galvanized steel T-pin to securely link Water-Cable Barrier sections together.


An SUV driving over a Set of TrafFix Alert High Speed rumble strips

TrafFix Alert® High Speed
Rumble Strip

The TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip provides increased driver awareness of upcoming changes in road conditions with sight, sound, and sensation. Safe for both low and high speed roads as well as all vehicle types, including motorcycles.


2 workers setting up the Roof Edge Delineator Cone system

Roof Edge Delineator™ Cone

The Roof Edge Delineator Cone system from TrafFix Devices is designed to provide a quick and easy OSHA compliant Roof Warning Line System. Each Roof Edge Delineator Cone is made of Low Density Polyethylene plastic for increased durability in all weather conditions and multiple cones can be stacked for easy transportation and storage. Each Cone features a 30lb Recycled Rubber Base that easily drops over the cone for quick setup.

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