Work Zone Awareness: TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

Designed for Roadways with Speed Limits up to 70mph [113kph]

Insignificant Movement at High Speeds

Highly Visible on Concrete or Asphalt

Recently we posted on the sobering statistics of roadworker safety/fatalities, and the instruments deployed by Departments of Transportation and road crews alike to help reduce the risks to workers as well as raise the awareness of drivers. One of the main takeaways from that article is that most of the risks occur in high-speed (60 MPH+) applications/work zones.

Work zones of our highways pose unique challenges for all involved. Areas of high-speed place similar demands on the drivers’ attention and quick reaction times. Distractions, fatigue, and inattentiveness can lead to serious accidents, especially in work zones, transition areas, and rural highways. Which is why numerous methods are deployed to alert motorists when entering a work zone:

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