Fast-Trak to TMA Success

Fast-Trak SwiftConnect for the Scorpion TMA and Scorpion II TMA

We know that many contractors don’t need a TMA on every vehicle in their fleet. We also know that many customers would like to move a TMA from this truck to that truck. Fleet maintenance would also dictate the necessity for Scorpion TMA’s to be easily and somewhat regularly removed or swapped between certain vehicles. The ability to have a vehicle undergo maintenance/repair while allowing the TMA to remain in service is often critical to the business operations of our clients.

TrafFix Devices developed the Fast-Trak for the Scorpion TMA & Scorpion II TMA to solve exactly this issue, ensuring our clients can maintain a Scorpion in-service more often. The ability to remove and replace the Scorpion TMA ensures that a truck can be multi-purpose and maintain its original intended use or that other trucks can carry the TMA when some are being serviced. Moreover, the Fast-Trak enables arrow and message board installations to work as an easily removable truck frame extension to clear anything hanging off the back of the truck.

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