The Importance of Crash Cushion Transition Pieces/Bridge Shoes

In the quest for enhanced road safety, every component plays a critical role. Among these, crash cushion transition pieces are vital yet often overlooked elements that ensure the effective performance of crash cushion systems. This blog post delves into the significance, function, and benefits of crash cushion transition pieces, highlighting their essential role in creating safer road environments, shielding the fixed obstacle in reverse direction vehicle impacts.

Transitions by themselves are not specifically approved by state DOTs – it is incumbent on the manufacturer of the crash cushion to develop test and pass a transition piece between a fixed obstacle (i.e bridge abutment) to the crash cushion to prevent potential snag points.

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Safeguarding Road Workers: TrafFix Devices’ Response to Fatality Rates

Attenuation Technology that Saves Lives — TrafFix Devices

Recent news articles reporting statistics on road worker fatalities have sparked concern and renewed efforts to enhance safety measures on our roads as seen in the U.S. Sun article highlighting a new “Move Over or Slow Down” law in Texas, and ABC News 10 (WHEC-TV) reporting on a New York Thruway worker struck on I-90.

According to data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, total Work Zone traffic fatalities in 2022 were 891. Pedestrian fatalities accounted for 136 of these. Pedestrians are identified in FARS as being at work or a construction, maintenance, utility worker, or a transportation worker (e.g., maintenance workers, safety service patrol operators).

In light of these alarming figures, TrafFix Devices reaffirms its commitment to protecting road workers and reducing risks through innovative solutions like the Scorpion truck-mounted attenuator (TMA/TTMA).

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Knowledge Base: a technical platform for your TrafFix Devices Scorpion II and Delta

You asked, we listened! TrafFix Devices proudly introduces our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge base was created to provide technical documents for operational and maintenance teams – establishing an easy to navigate digital experience – that is accessible 24/7, worldwide.

Taking a customer-centric approach, we have sought to create less downtime, putting the data at your fingertips. Rather than waiting for technical support to become available, the Knowledge Base gives you the framework needed to triage and troubleshoot wherever and whenever.

The Knowledge Base houses prerequisite materials for the TrafFix University, Bluevolt training, to become a TrafFix Approved partner.

With time to repair being critical for teams in the field – the Knowledge Base endeavors to cut this time whilst providing you and your teams the most up-to-date information. TrafFix Devices is continuously revising the Knowledge Base documents and are developed based on your needs.

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Enhancing Road Safety: The Benefits of TL2+®

Delta TL2+ Intelligent Crash Cushion from TrafFix Devices, Inc.

Why TL2+?: TL2+® has been developed and tested to 50Mp/H not 45Mp/H MASH standards, signifying a fundamental change in engineering and design principles in impact attenuators. TrafFix Devices has developed the first fixed crash cushion that is tested to TL2+®.

Why does that matter?Many of the atrial roads that feed our highways as well as on/off ramps increasingly have speed limits in excess of 45 MPH, the maximum testing speed to attain TL-2 accreditation, meaning that these systems no longer provide the safety coverage for areas signposted at 50Mp/H speed limits.

Enhanced Collision Protection: The Delta TL2+® crash cushion is engineered to absorb impact energy during collisions, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries to motorists and passengers. This enhanced collision protection is a testament to the meticulous design and rigorous testing that these crash cushions undergo, ensuring optimal performance when it matters most.

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