Enhancing Road Safety: The Benefits of TL2+®

Delta TL2+ Intelligent Crash Cushion from TrafFix Devices, Inc.

Why TL2+?: TL2+® has been developed and tested to 50Mp/H not 45Mp/H MASH standards, signifying a fundamental change in engineering and design principles in impact attenuators. TrafFix Devices has developed the first fixed crash cushion that is tested to TL2+®.

Why does that matter?Many of the atrial roads that feed our highways as well as on/off ramps increasingly have speed limits in excess of 45 MPH, the maximum testing speed to attain TL-2 accreditation, meaning that these systems no longer provide the safety coverage for areas signposted at 50Mp/H speed limits.

Enhanced Collision Protection: The Delta TL2+® crash cushion is engineered to absorb impact energy during collisions, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries to motorists and passengers. This enhanced collision protection is a testament to the meticulous design and rigorous testing that these crash cushions undergo, ensuring optimal performance when it matters most.

The Delta TL2+® plays a pivotal role in mitigating the severity of accidents and protecting lives, not only for vehicle occupants, but also those working in the field to install the crash cushion. The same efficiencies that TrafFix Devices designed and engineered in our Delta TL3 system, are applied to the TL2+®, such as:

  • All systems are supplied fully assembled, reducing the need for assembly, saving our installation partners on labor and the amount of time their crews are exposed on the roadway/highway.
  • Extremely fast install, no cables, no internal crushable cartridges, minimal components.
  • Commonality of parts with the TL3 system – all components are interchangeable (save for the track).

In the realm of road safety engineering, TL2+® crash cushions stand out as a critical innovation. These crash cushions, designed and manufactured with precision, offer a range of benefits that contribute significantly to enhancing overall road safety infrastructure.

Cost-Effectiveness: Despite their advanced engineering and robust construction, the Delta TL2+® impact attenuator is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. By ensuring the commonality of parts between the TL 3 and TL2+® designs, the Delta offers economies of scale to our distribution partners. Being supplied fully assembles offers our installation partners efficiencies in labor, compounded by its light weight (18 to a full truck load) and minimal components adds up to considerable benefits. Moreover, the design of the Delta crash cushion contributes to reduced repair costs for roadside having sacrificial parts to preserve the integrity of key system components. This far outweighs the initial investment in installing TL2+®.

Compliance and Standards: TrafFix Devices’ Delta TL2+® crash cushion is the first system designed and tested to comply with and pass the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) standards at 50 Mp/H (80KMp/H). This commitment to compliance ensures that the crash cushions meet the necessary safety benchmarks, providing peace of mind to transportation authorities, road designers, and the general public.

Continuous Innovation: TrafFix Devices recognizes that the field of engineering and manufacturing is dynamic, with continuous advancements in technology and materials. Our dedication to developing TL2+® highlights our presence at the forefront of innovation, conducting rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance to reach safety standards.

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