Knowledge Base: a technical platform for your TrafFix Devices Scorpion II and Delta

You asked, we listened! TrafFix Devices proudly introduces our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge base was created to provide technical documents for operational and maintenance teams – establishing an easy to navigate digital experience – that is accessible 24/7, worldwide.

Taking a customer-centric approach, we have sought to create less downtime, putting the data at your fingertips. Rather than waiting for technical support to become available, the Knowledge Base gives you the framework needed to triage and troubleshoot wherever and whenever.

The Knowledge Base houses prerequisite materials for the TrafFix University, Bluevolt training, to become a TrafFix Approved partner.

With time to repair being critical for teams in the field – the Knowledge Base endeavors to cut this time whilst providing you and your teams the most up-to-date information. TrafFix Devices is continuously revising the Knowledge Base documents and are developed based on your needs.

The Crucial Documents

Installation Guide

The Installation Guides provide detailed step-by-step information on how to correctly install, assemble, or set up a TrafFix Devices product. It typically includes diagrams, illustrations, and written instructions to help you navigate through the installation process efficiently and accurately.

A page from the Delta Transition Installation Manual
An image of the Delta Installation Guide. An example of an of one of my many documents and forms available from the TrafFix Devices Knowledge Base.

Maintenance Information

Inspections and maintenance are important for keeping your TrafFix Devices products in good working condition. The Knowledge base includes recommended maintenance schedules, procedures for routine inspections, troubleshooting tips, and replacement parts.

The purpose of a maintenance guide is to help users prolong the lifespan of your TrafFix Devices product(s) and preserve the safe performance of the device(s). Maintenance helps prevent premature wear and tear, which in turn minimizes product downtime. By following the guidelines outlined in a maintenance guide, you can proactively address potential issues at the maintenance yard, rather than on the road where workers are exposed to traffic hazards.

A screenshot of the Scorpion II TMA Replacement Parts Guide in the TrafFix Devices Knowledge Base
An image of the Scorpion II Replacement Parts Guide as it appears on the Knowledge Base. An example of an of one of my many documents and forms available from the TrafFix Devices Knowledge Base.

Post Impact Survey

The Post Impact Survey is a systematic self-assessment conducted after an impact to your Scorpion Attenuator. This is a crucial step in understanding the repairability of the Scorpion TMA/TA.

An image of the Scorpion II TMA Post Impact Survey form
An image of the Scorpion II Post Impact Survey form. An example of an of one of my many documents and forms available from the TrafFix Devices Knowledge Base.

Overall, a Post Impact Survey plays a vital role in evaluating the effectiveness of the device and determining what following actions need to be taken in response to an impact to promote safety.

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