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Each sign is 12¾" × 10½" and comes in your choice of Orange or White with optional Engineer Grade reflectivity on one or both sides for night-time applications.
White with blue handicapped symbol sign on a 28" Enviro-Cone (#16132-N-020)
White sign with blue handicapped symbol on a 28" Enviro-Cone (#16132-N-020)

Informational Signage

Durable, injection molded Clip-On Signs provide safety information to pedestrians and drivers and easily inserts into plastic traffic cones, like the Enviro-Cone.

Orange "Open Trench" sign on a 42" Looper-Tube (#16131-N-042)
Orange "Open Trench" sign on a 42" Looper-Tube (#16131-N-042)

Work-zone & Industrial Signage

Ideal for use as an informative visual message while affixed to a single cone or post or as part of a physical barrier around work sites. Can be easily attached to delineator posts or tubes, like the Looper Tube, Grabber Tube II, and Looper Cone.