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The Reboundable Delineator™ from TrafFix Devices are economical surface mounted delineator posts made from UV resistant urethane and provide 180° to 360° reflectivity.

Posts can be attached to a flexible Urethane base for high-speed applications, or an ABS plastic base for lower-speed applications and can adhere to the road surface with SuperBundy® adhesive pads, 2.5" concrete bolts, or 4" asphalt bolts.

For a complete listing of all Reboundable Delineators, contact us today.

19700B Urethane Base with 2.2" × 36" round orange post with flattened top, and one (1) 3" × 9" white high intensity reflective strip.
19300B ABS Base with 3" × 36" orange round post with two (2) 3" white high intensity reflective bands.
19300B ABS Base with 2" × 28" white round post with one (1) 3" wide white high intensity reflective band.
19500B ABS Base with 28" yellow cloverleaf post with one (1) 3" × 9" vertical white high intensity reflective strip.

Base Options

19700B Designed for high speed, high impact applications.
19300B & 19500B Designed for low speed, low impact applications.

Post Options

2.2" Round; 2.2" Round with flat top; 3" Round; 3" Cloverleaf
Orange, White, & Yellow
18", 28", 36", 42", & 48"