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Quick Start Guide

Sentinel Impact Tracker Unit

Step 1. Registering your account.

  1. Find and open the email that was sent to you with the subject “Sentinel Impact Tracker”, then click Complete registration.
    Sentinel Impact Tracking welcome e-mail
  2. Type in a strong password, read and accept the Terms of Service, then click Create account.
    Sentinel Impact Tracking password creation
  3. Type your email address and password, and click Log in.
    Sentinel Impact Tracking login
  4. You will receive a follow up email with links to important documents.
    Sentinel Impact Tracking follow-up email

Step 2. Creating Assets.

There are 4 main functions of the Sentinel dashboard: Map, Assets, Devices, & Alarms.

Sentinel Impact Tracking menu

Overall view of assets


The crash cushion you are monitoring on the highway
Active Assets are those assets that are actively being monitored.
Inactive Assets are those assets that will not trigger any alarms.


Your Sentinel Impact Trackers
Active Devices are those devices that are tied to assets.
Inactive devices are those devices that are not tied to assets and will not trigger alarms.

All current active alarms

Did you know?

Scanning the QR Code on the Sentinel Impact Tracker lid will take you to the Driving Mode designed for mobile devices

Sentinel Impact Tracker QR Code
  1. From the Assets page, click New asset.
    New Asset
  2. Type in a name, choose the asset type, then click Create.
    Screenshot: New Asset Modal
  3. Choose a device. Select a serial number that is already associated with your account by using the dropdown menu, or type in the serial number an the PIN code that is underneath the lid of the Sentinel unit, then click Next.
    Screenshot: Select serial number
  4. Choose the Sentinel installation orientation and set the sensitivity level, then click Next.
    Screenshot: Install the Sentinel on the Crash Cushion
  5. Upload an installation photo, then click Next. You can upload photos now, or choose to upload them later.
    Screenshot: Upload Photos
  6. Click Finish.

Step 3. Clearing alarms.

  1. From the Assets page, find and click on the asset that currently showing an alarm.
    Screenshot: Active Assets with Impact Warnings
  2. Click the New report button on the asset detail page.
    Screenshot: New Report
  3. Select "Create an inspection report for a recent impact alarm", then click Next.
    Screenshot: Inspection Report
  4. Select the impact date associated with this report.
    Screenshot: Impact Date
  5. Choose whether the asset is damaged or not damaged; if damaged, choose the Severity of the damage, then click Next.
    Screenshot: Is this asset damaged
  6. Input any notes, then click Next.
    Screenshot: Input report notes
  7. Upload any photos, then click Next.
    Screenshot: Upload photos
  8. Select the option "Clear all impact alarms", then click Next.
    Screenshot: Clear active alarms
  9. Review, then click Save.

    This will cause the map to turn from Red to Green and clear your alarms.

    Screenshot: Map pin with active alarm
    Screenshot: Map pin with no active alarms

Step 4. Notification Groups and Sites.

You can create notification groups per Asset. You can do this a few ways...

  1. Select the drop down located on the Assets page
    Sentinel Asset Page
  2. Create a new group, and click Create.
    Sentinel Use Group and Site menu
  3. Click Manage groups.
  4. You are able to add and remove users from this menu.
    Sentinel Group interface

Step 5. Powering on your Sentinel.

  1. Remove screws from the top of the box.
    Sentinel Impact Tracker unit
  2. Move the switch to the ON position and connect the battery. An open Sentinel Impact Tracker without its battery An open Sentinel Impact Tracker with its battery