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The SLED Mini from TrafFix Devices

The SLED Mini from TrafFix Devices is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible for TL-1 & TL-3 applications when connected to TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier, and for TL-2 applications when connected to a Concrete Median Barrier.

What is MASH? Read Eligibility Letters

The SLED Mini from TrafFix Devices is MASH Tested and Passed for Uni- and Bi-Directional applications as well as TL-1 End Treatment for the TrafFix Water-Wall™.

With its stout design, the SLED Mini virtually eliminates vaulting of the impacting vehicle, even for larger vehicles such as Pickup Trucks and SUVs. The patented Containment Impact Sled (CIS) minimizes the debris field after a crash protecting work zone personnel and other motorists. The narrow width of the SLED Mini is ideal for lower speed works zones and requires no foundation anchors to setup.


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