SLED: The Obvious choice for Reliability, Simplicity and Efficiency

SLED - The obvious choice for reliability, simplicity, efficiency.

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, water-filled non-redirective gating crash cushion that is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible.

The SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel and plastic. The SLED End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck. The complete crash cushion can be installed quickly, with one pick up truck on compacted dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt or concrete.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple. With only 29 parts in total, the SLED TL-3 has fewer components than competitive MASH approved products. ONE fill port per module with a wide 8” circumference. This makes the fill process much quicker and more accommodating. Faster filling minimizes installation time.

Reliable. The SLED has multiple MASH approved connections, making it extremely versatile.

  • SLED to MGS Guardrail CC-155 (1.06.20)
  • SLED to TrafFix Sentry CC-151 (9.28.18)
  • SLED Mini to CMB CC-144 (9.17.18)
  • SLED Mini to WCB CC-142 (6.01.18)
  • SLED MASH CC-131 (9.21.16)
  • SLED 350 TL-2 CC-117 (6.21.11)
  • SLED 350 CC-114 (2.09.11)

Efficient. Each module is ready to be attached to the next for an easy set-up. The SLED’s chevron nose piece comes preassembled, allowing it to be easily changed from right/left by unbolting and flipping around. This reduces the amount of time installers have to spend on the road.

SLED Nose Sheeting Variations
Easily change sheeting direction on the SLED nose sheeting object marker in the field

Empowering Safety Professionals

At TrafFix Devices saving lives is at the core of what we do. This is not only for motorists but also we reduce road crews exposure times thus mitigating risk and protecting lives on the road. Each aspect of the installation and replacement of the SLED has been designed with reducing roadway exposure in mind. From having fewer components requiring less time for installation and repair, to being preassembled. Also the drive-by float-cap can be easily accessed without exiting a vehicle. The built in water level indicator makes checking the fill levels extremely simple.

Compliance and Standards

TrafFix Devices prioritizes safety and compliance, and the SLED is no exception. It meets the rigorous MASH crash testing standards, ensuring that it can withstand impacts from vehicles of varying sizes and speeds. By adhering to industry standards and regulations, the SLED provides peace of mind to transportation agencies, contractors, and safety professionals.

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