TrafFix Devices, Inc. Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Lindsay Transportation Solutions, LLC

TrafFix Devices, Inc., a leader in producing innovative road safety products, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in California against Lindsay Transportation Solutions, LLC.

In the lawsuit, TrafFix Devices alleges that making, selling, or using Lindsay Transportation’s ABSORB-M crash cushion in the United States infringes four patents relating to the innovative design of TrafFix Device’s popular Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED®) line of crash attenuators. The SLED® crash attenuators are supported by TrafFix Devices significant investment in research and development. All four of the patents asserted in the lawsuit relate to technology for end treatment arrays for crash attenuation.

TrafFix Devices asked the court for an injunction barring sales of Lindsay Transportation’s infringing crash cushions, payment of money damages due to TrafFix Devices lost sales, and to recover its attorney fees for the lawsuit.

Brent Kulp, TrafFix Devices, Inc. President, commented that: “TrafFix Devices is committed to staying on the cutting edge of product innovation, and to protecting the valuable intellectual property that we incorporate into our highway safety products. We will not tolerate infringing copies of our innovative products.”

“TrafFix Devices had no choice but to take legal action to stop Lindsay Transportation’s ongoing and unlawful infringement of TrafFix Device’s patented technology,” said Christy Lea, counsel for TrafFix Devices and litigation partner at Knobbe Martens, a leading Intellectual Property law firm.

TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a 35 year old manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products. It designs, manufactures, and supports products which save lives on the world’s highways. The company’s products include crash attenuators, barricades, barriers, cones, delineators, drums, signs & stands, impact trackers, portable delineators, and various additional highway safety devices. Those products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries around the world. TrafFix Devices manufactures all of its own products and takes tremendous pride in their engineering and technical performance. The company’s corporate headquarters are in San Clemente, California, and it has manufacturing locations in Fairfield, Iowa; Adelanto, CA; and Tijuana, Mexico.