Less than half of US roads are rated “good”

The Gary Stoller article in the July 29 USA Today speaks to a great portion of US roads and bridges which are in desperate need of repair. Stoller says that less than half of all US roads are rated “good.”

Indeed, just 38% of the pavement on roads stretching miles across the USA is in “good” condition, according to the analysis, while about one in 10 of the nation’s bridges are “structurally deficient.”
In the State of California, our home Sate, over 37% of all paved roads are in poor condition.

Kansas had the highest percentage — 52% — of miles of pavement in poor condition, with Connecticut following closely behind. Then came New Jersey, 45%; Hawaii, 39%; California, 37%; and Oklahoma, 36%.

The US needs to increase its funding of road and bridge repair so that the transportation, and every other industry, industry can continue to deliver goods and services to our businesses and homes. Whenever possible, we should all stress the importance of repairing and maintaining the infrastructure with our representatives in Washington DC.


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