Mission: Safety

As June is also National Safety Month, this weeks’ blog focuses on our dedication to safety not just externally through our products, but also internally in how we seek to embed safety in everything we do.

The TrafFix Devices Truck Mounted Attenuator has saved the lives of many motorists and highway construction workers throughout the world. TrafFix Devices is the leader in impact attenuator technology, and has proven to save lives on the highway and in the construction zone.

We spend our time at TrafFix Devices creating products that keep the drivers and pedestrians of the world safe. Just as our product safety goal is to keep people safe on the highways and in work zones, our internal safety goal is to keep our employees free from injury and free of hazards that can cause injuries.

As we work to receive, manufacture, assemble, and ship our products, we take into consideration our own safety and the safety of those working alongside us. All injuries are avoidable, but only if we work to avoid them. To that end, we commit to practicing sound safety techniques and embrace protocols that govern how we behave in our workplace. To do otherwise is akin to using a work truck on the highway with no Scorpion attached, where the safety of a driver or road worker is left to chance.

The Scorpion is a highly engineered piece of equipment. It’s not a matter of welding and bolting some metal together and hoping it will work. It must be manufactured to work in a specific way, and it must perform the same way today and tomorrow as it did yesterday. The same is true of safety in the workplace. It’s not a set of arbitrary rules. Rather, it involves thoughtful evaluation of tasks to discover hazards and remove them or protect employees from them. It involves assessments to determine the effectiveness of protective apparatus and gear so the employee can be confident in the safety equipment we provide them with. It involves analysis to ensure we have discovered and addressed all potential risks, and it involves verification of our efforts. Our safety programs are in place to first: ensure employees remain injury free in our workplaces and second: to remain compliant with workplace rules and regulations put forth by government entities.

Our internal goals and expectations are that people will work according to the safety policies and procedures taught them, not chancing an injury for the sake of production, speed, or because they just don’t want to take the time.

Some of our forklifts weigh more than 14,000 pounds. You cannot place a person on a forklift without them being certified through a structured training program that includes classroom and practical training, finishing up with a comprehensive evaluation of their performance.

A Bendi Forklift in yellow and black in the TrafFix Devices warehouse

Safety is planned and a great illustration is crane loading towable trailers onto a flatbed truck. The task was examined by management and input given by members of the teams who perform the loading. This resulted in a specific way it is done. Deviation from the protocol is not permitted because to do so creates a hazardous work condition.

The TrafFix Devices shipping crew loading Scorpion Towable Attenuators onto a flatbed semi-trailer using a crane

We wish our time here to be a pleasurable and injury-free experience as we work together to achieve our objectives. Creating and growing a culture of safety internally, with the same passion we deliver in pursuit of our business mission, helps us deliver a hazard-free work environment to the customers within our organization: our employees.

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