Work Zone Awareness: TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip

Designed for Roadways with Speed Limits up to 70mph [113kph]

Insignificant Movement at High Speeds

Highly Visible on Concrete or Asphalt

Recently we posted on the sobering statistics of roadworker safety/fatalities, and the instruments deployed by Departments of Transportation and road crews alike to help reduce the risks to workers as well as raise the awareness of drivers. One of the main takeaways from that article is that most of the risks occur in high-speed (60 MPH+) applications/work zones.

Work zones of our highways pose unique challenges for all involved. Areas of high-speed place similar demands on the drivers’ attention and quick reaction times. Distractions, fatigue, and inattentiveness can lead to serious accidents, especially in work zones, transition areas, and rural highways. Which is why numerous methods are deployed to alert motorists when entering a work zone:

Signs and
Message Boards
Alert the driver to work zones and changes in conditions (i.e. lane closure/workers ahead/detour).
Delineation Devices
Cones, tubes, and drums, create a visual cue for the driver when entering a work area as well as funneling traffic for lane closures.

Another sensory aid that can be deployed are rumble strips. Rumble strips are an effective countermeasure, providing tactile and audible warnings that alert drivers to potential hazards and encourage safer driving behaviors.

Key Feature Benefits
of the TrafFix Alert Speed Rumble Strip

Easy Installation and Removal

Carry handles on each end – enabling speed of set-up and take down reducing worker exposure. Sections are 5.5′ x 1.0′ / 75 lbs., allowing for ease of installation and weighs less than competitive products at 105 lbs. Jigsaw center connection – providing positive connection. No hinges or other mechanical connections are used on the Alert High Speed.

TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip Dimensions and Specifications
TrafFix Alert High Speed Section
Weight 75 lbs. [34 kg]
Height ¾” [19 mm]
Length 5′ 6″ [1.67 m]
Width 12½” [0.3 m]
Segments 20
Material Textured steel, textured aluminum, urethane, stainless steel, galvanized braided steel cable
TrafFix Alert High Speed Strip
Weight 150 lbs. [68 kg]
Height ¾” [19 mm]
Length 11′ [3.35 m]
Width 12½” [0.3 m]
Segments 40
Material Textured steel, textured aluminum, urethane, stainless steel, galvanized braided steel cable

Engineered for Safety

The TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip is specifically engineered for use on high-speed roads, offering superior performance and durability. Made from high-quality, powder coated steel segments with a rough surface finish creates resistance to skidding. These rumble strips are designed to withstand the rigors of high-speed traffic and adverse weather conditions.

High Grade Materials

Galvanized Marine Grade Wire Rope Cables – designed to contour to the road surface or crown/non-flat condition. The Urethane undercoating increases the friction to the road surface in wet or dry conditions minimizing creep – reducing/removing the need for re-adjustment thus reducing work crews’ exposure time on the road.

Real-World Impact and Applications

The effectiveness of the TrafFix Alert High Speed Rumble Strip has been demonstrated in various real-world applications. In construction zones, these rumble strips help to slow down traffic, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting both workers and motorists. On rural highways, they alert drivers to changes in road conditions, such as upcoming intersections or curves. Their quick deployment capability also makes them ideal for emergency response scenarios, where immediate traffic control measures are required.

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