Students from Pacific Coast Christian Homeschool

Today we had the great honor of hosting a group of students from Pacific Coast Christian Homeschool. It all started last year when we got a call from a parent asking if we could host a birthday party for their son, Brody. You see, Brody wants to grow up to become an Engineer and one day work for TrafFix Devices; they said “He is obsessed with your orange drums, cones, and especially the Scorpion.” We were overjoyed that he was so intrigued by our company and what we do that would couldn’t help but host his birthday party. Brody was joined by 9 of his friends where they got to tour of our San Clemente facility and see what really goes into creating highway safety products.

After his party, Brody told all of his friends at school and church what he did for his birthday. He kept talking about it…. for months. Fast-forward to last week when we got another call from the parents who asked if we could host a school field trip for Brody and his classmates. We had such fun hosting his birthday party that we more than happy to show his classmates around.

But this time, we turned it up to 11!

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Mythbusters feature the Water-Wall

The MythBusters, an Emmy-nominated series on Discovery, are known for uncovering the truth behind popular myths and legends. They do this by mixing the scientific method with child-like curiosity and good ol’ fashioned ingenuity to create one of the best science shows on television. MythBusters is hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who have more than 30 combined years of special effects experience, along with co-hosts Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara.

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Less than half of US roads are rated “good”

The Gary Stoller article in the July 29 USA Today speaks to a great portion of US roads and bridges which are in desperate need of repair. Stoller says that less than half of all US roads are rated “good.”

Indeed, just 38% of the pavement on roads stretching miles across the USA is in “good” condition, according to the analysis, while about one in 10 of the nation’s bridges are “structurally deficient.”
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