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Big Sandy® Crash Cushion Sand Barrel

Big Sandy®

The TrafFix Devices "Big Sandy" is an Impact Attenuator Sand Barrel that's manufactured from UV stabilized high-density polyethylene. The Big Sandy sand barrel is MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible and meets the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP 350.

Delta™ Crash Cushion End Treatment

Delta™ Crash Cushion

The Delta Crash Cushion is a MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible Redirective Non-Gating crash cushion and end treatment from TrafFix Devices co-developed with University of Nebraska's Midwest Roadside Safety Facility (MwRSF).

Scorpion II® METRO Truck Mounted Impact Attenuator

Scorpion II® METRO TMA

The Scorpion II METRO TMA from TrafFix Devices is the only TL-2 Plus (50 mph / 80 kph) TMA that is MASH Tested and Passed. It is the ideal TMA for cities, counties, and urban districts with posted speeds of 50 mph (80 kph) or less.

Scorpion II® Towable Attenuator

Scorpion II® TL-3 Towable Attenuator

The Scorpion II TL-3 Towable Attenuator from TrafFix Devices is the world's first MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible Towable Attenuator. The Scorpion II Towable Attenuator attaches to a truck and requires little to no modification of the host vehicle.

Scorpion II® Truck Mounted Impact Attenuators

Scorpion II® Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion II TMA from TrafFix Devices is the world's first MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible Truck Mounted Attenuator. The Scorpion II Truck Mounted Attenuator is hydraulically powered and is ideal for stationary and mobile construction zones.

Scorpion® Towable Attenuator

Scorpion® Towable Attenuator

The Scorpion TL-3 Towable Attenuator attaches to a truck and requires little to no modification of the host vehicle. The Scorpion TA has been NCHRP-350 tested and accepted for all mandatory and optional offset and angled impacts on unrestrained host vehicles.

Scorpion® Truck Mounted Impact Attenuators

Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator is hydraulically powered and is ideal for stationary and mobile construction zones. The Scorpion TMA has been tested and PASSED ALL optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the NCHRP-350 TL-3.

Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED®)


The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushion that is designed to shield permanent and temporary barriers including concrete, steel, and plastic. The four internal steel cables of the SLED envelop the impacting vehicle, reducing potential secondary accidents.

Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED®) Euro-Terminal

SLED® Euro-Terminal

The SLED Euro-Terminal is the only freestanding attenuation device that has been tested and accepted to the EN1317-4 P4 requirements. Since the SLED Euro-Terminal system is freestanding, there are no pavement anchors, bolts or drilling to compromise the integrity of the roadway surface or bridge deck.

SLED® Mini

SLED® Mini

The SLED Mini is a MASH Tested and Passed as a Uni- and Bi-Directional applications and as a TL-1 End Treatment for the TrafFix Water-Wall™. With its stout design, the SLED Mini virtually eliminates vaulting of the impacting vehicle.

TrafFix Devices A-Cade and Rail System

A-Frames & Rails

TrafFix A-Frame is made of rigid impact resistant polyethylene and its' legs are sand fillable for ballasting, stackable for storage and transportation. Each A-Frame leg can be used with the TrafFix I-Beam Rails, Phoenix Plastic Rails, or lumber.

TrafFix Devices Type I & II barricades

Type I & II Folding Barricades

TrafFix Devices plastic folding barricades are made from durable polyethylene. The lightweight and easy to handle Blow Molded plastic legs provide increased strength to minimize damage and prevent sagging.

Economy Type III Barricade with Phoenix plastic rails

Type III Barricades

TrafFix Devices Type III Barricades meet all of your Traffic safety needs. Type III Barricades are larger and and offer better stability and visibility compared to type I & II barricades and are available in a variety of lengths.

TrafFix Premier Vertical Panel

Vertical Panels

The TrafFix Vertical Panel Barricades are made from durable blow molded polyethylene panels and recycled rubber bases. Both panels and bases can be stacked separately for easy transportation and storage.

ADA Wall Longitudinal Barricade

ADA Wall

The TrafFix ADA Wall is used to create hand guided safe passages through work zones that meet ADA requirements. The ADA Wall is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible as TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizing Device.

Urbanite® Longitudinal Barricade


The TrafFix Urbanite creates a continuous hand guided safe passage through work zones. The Urbanite is made of UV stabilized, high density polyethylene.

HV2 Barrier from TrafFix Devices, Inc.

HV2 Barrier

The HV2 Barrier is the ultimate freestanding, temporary longitudinal barrier system, bringing improved productivity and safety to worksites.

Lo-Ro® Water-Cable Barrier

Lo-Ro® Water-Cable Barrier

The Lo-Ro Water-Cable Barrier is intended for applications where low deflection of barrier walls is desired. The SLED Lo-Ro is MASH TL-2 Tested and Passed as an End Treatment for the Lo-Ro Barriers.

Sentry™ Water-Cable Barrier

TrafFix Sentry™ Water-Cable Barrier

The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible as for TL-3 longitudinal barrier applications.

TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier™

TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier™

The TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier is designed with three molded in galvanized steel cables and has been MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible at TL-1 31 mph (50 km/hr) and TL-2 43.5 mph (70 km/hr) levels.

TrafFix Water-Wall Barrier™

TrafFix Water-Wall™

The Water-Wall Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations; from protecting the public surrounding a construction site, to work-zone safety on roads and highways.

TrafFix Water-Wall™ Fence

TrafFix Water-Wall™ Fence

The Water-Wall Fence easily retrofits to the TrafFix Water-Wall to create an imposing and secure barrier for unwanted entries. Made from 11 gauge galvanized steel mesh, the Water-Wall Fences provides excellent security and visibility.

Enviro-Cone® from TrafFix Devices


The Enviro-Cone is MUTCD Compliant, 80% recycled by weight, made from low-density polyethylene, recyclable when damaged or destroyed, and provides superior all-weather performance and increased life span compared to PVC Cones.

Retractable Cone Bar™ for Cones and Delineators

Retractable Cone Bar™

The Retractable Cone Bar improves safety in your work zone by creating a visual and physical pedestrian barrier. The retractable bar is made of durable ABS plastic and wrapped in reflective sheeting for increased night-time visibility.

TrafFix PVC Cone

PVC Cone

The TrafFix PVC Cone is Injection Molded, MUTCD Compliant, and comes in 18" and 28" heights. PVC Cones are fluorescent orange and excellent stability and anti-skid performance.

TrafFix® Spring Cone and Tote System

TrafFix® Spring Cone

The TrafFix Spring Cone & Tote System is an ideal solution for temporary traffic control with its compact design for easy storage on any truck or vehicle trunk. The Spring Cone meets Federal MUTCD requirements for 28" reflective highway traffic cones.

TrafFix Cone

Cone & Rail Systems

The TrafFix Cone is made of durable high density polyethylene plastic, the rugged TrafFix Cone has multiple uses in a wide variety of different applications.

Clip-On Signs for Cones & Delineators

Clip-On Signs

Durable, injection molded Clip-On Signs provide safety information to pedestrians and drivers and easily inserts into traffic cones or delineator poss and cones.

The TrafFix Devices Grabber-Cone®


Grabber-Cone's patented handle design allows for easy movement and prevents cones from sticking while stacked. The Grabber-Cone meets or exceeds Federal MUTCD standards.

TrafFix Devices Grabber-Tube®


The stem of the Grabber-Tubes are made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading.

Grabber-Tube® II Delineator Tube

Grabber-Tube® II

The Grabber-Tube II patented "Grabber Hole" in the tube stem provides a convenient carrying handle for movement and deployment, even off the bed of a work truck.

TrafFix Devices Looper-Cone®

TrafFix Looper-Cone®

TrafFix Devices Looper-Cone is designed with a convenient handle that allows for easy movement and placement. The Looper-Cone meets Federal MUTCD standards.

TrafFix Devices Looper-Tube®

TrafFix Looper-Tube®

The Looper-Tube made of flexible low-density polyethylene and the patented Looper handle allows for easy movement. The Looper-Tube meets Federal MUTCD standards.

TrafFix Devices Roof Edge Delineator™ System

Roof Edge Delineator™

The Roof Edge Delineator Cone system from TrafFix Devices is designed to provide a quick and easy OSHA compliant Roof Warning Line System. The cones are made of Low Density Polyethylene plastic and can be stacked for easy transportation and storage.

TrafFix Reboundable Delineator™

Reboundable Delineator™

The Reboundable Delineator from TrafFix Devices are economical surface mounted delineator posts made from UV resistant urethane and provide 180° to 360° reflectivity.

TrafFix Devices Channelizer Drums

TrafFix Channelizer Drum™

The TrafFix Channelizer Drums are available in rugged, durable high density polyethylene, or impact resistant, reshapeable low density polyethylene. With its tapered design, the Channelizer Drums can be stacked with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage.

Channelizer Drum™ Bases

TrafFix Channelizer Drum™ Bases

TrafFix Devices offers the largest selection of channelizer drum bases in the industry. Choose from an array of different types and styles that best fit your needs and budget.

TrafFix Devices Roll-Up Signs

Roll-Up Signs

TrafFix Devices Roll-Up Signs are available in non-reflective mesh/vinyl and reflective vinyl - Reflective Material: Reflexite, Marathon, or 3M Diamond Grade.

Signs and Stands Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

Sign Stand Accessories: Three Flag Bracket, Truck Mounting Bracket, Rigid Sign Adapter, Storage Systems, Carrying Bags, and Safe Sleeve-350.

Plastic Safe-Sign™ 350

Plastic Safe-Sign™ 350

Safe-Sign 350 is the best alternative to heavy plywood and aluminum signs. The Safe-Sign 350 is made of corrugated plastic that is lightweight yet rigid.

Zephyr® Portable Sign Stand

Zephyr® Sign Stand

The Zephyr portable sign stand is constructed of a steel plate molded into a recycled rubber base (weight 38 lbs).

TrafFix® Sign Stand

TrafFix® Sign Stand

TrafFix Sign Stand is designed with unique Step-N-Drop Legs, this highly advanced feature enables you to quickly set up the stand.

TrafFix Phoenix™ Portable Sign Stand

TrafFix Phoenix™ Sign Stand

The Phoenix Sign Stand is designed with a pre-drilled square upright to accommodate multiple hole patterns found in most size signs so mounting signs of different shapes and sizes is a simple and easy process with zero fuss.

Tri-Buster® Sign Stand

TrafFix Tri-Buster® Sign Stand

The TrafFix Devices Tri-Buster Tripod Sign Stand is the ideal combination of durability, economy, safety, and versatility.

Little Buster® Sign Stand

TrafFix Little Buster® Sign Stand

All steel construction with powder coated paint. The telescoping mast is for rigid or roll-up sign brackets and allows for variable sign heights.

Econo Buster® Sign Stand

TrafFix Econo Buster® Sign Stand

Econo Buster is a lightweight (30 lb) yet durable stand for 36" × 36" and 48" × 48" roll-up or rigid signs.

Aluminum Buster Sign Stand

Aluminum Buster Sign Stand

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Aluminum Buster Sign Stand weighs only 28 pounds, and its all Aluminum construction resists corrosion and rusting.

Big Buster® Sign Stand

Big Buster® Sign Stand

The Big Buster Sign Stand has a steel base and two springs, it can withstand heavy winds, severe wind gusts, and air currents created by passing trucks.

Super Buster® Sign Stand

TrafFix Super Buster® Sign Stand

The Super Buster Sign Stand has a powder coated steel base, two heavy-duty springs, and is designed to withstand high winds and severe gusts from passing traffic.

Barrier Buster Sign Stand

TrafFix® Barrier Buster Sign Stand

Durable powder coated steel clamp with heavy duty T-pins and hardened steel points. Ideal for highway conditions where shoulder space is limited.

Stop/Slow Paddles and Flags

Stop / Slow Paddles

TrafFix Stop/Slow Paddles are made from strong, non-corrosive material. Available in reflective and non-reflective surfaces.

TrafFix 17" LED Baton

TrafFix 17" LED Baton

The TrafFix LED Batons are water and shock resistant and come in Red, Green, and Blue.

Barricade and Warning Lights

Barricade and Warning Lights

TrafFix Devices Lighting Products: Model 400, Y2K Barricade Light, Econo-Light, Strobe Light Model 7800, Model 630, Model 212, Model 2006 Lights.

TrafFix Alert® Rumble Strip

TrafFix Alert® Rumble Strip

Alerting Drivers with Sight, Sound and Sensation Awareness. The TrafFix Alert Rumble strip is made of recycled rubber for maximum durability and adherence.

TrafFix Alert® High Speed

TrafFix Alert® High Speed

The TrafFix Alert High Speed is designed for roadways with speed limits of 70 mph (113 kph) and provides increased driver awareness of upcoming changes in road conditions with sight, sound, and sensation. Insignificant movement at high speeds, is highly visible on concrete and asphalt, and is safe for all vehicle types, including motorcycles.

TrafFix Weed Mat®

TrafFix Weed Mat®

Weed Mat is made from 100% recycled tires. One 48" x 43" Weed Mat removes 10 - 12 tires from the land fill.

Work Mate™ by TrafFix Devices

Work Mate™

Improve Worker Safety with the TrafFix Devices Work Mate. Helps reduce leg and back strain allowing greater productivity and alertness.